With becoming the mother of Miracle Malcolm, Ariel Simmons understands the weight and frustration of what majority of new moms struggle with: needing help but not knowing where to turn to first.

The mission behind the Miracle Malcolm brand is to provide the necessary tools, education and resources that any parent could use to help navigate their journey through parenting when a child is born prematurely.

Through various books, products, and apparel, there is something in store that everyone will love!

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Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Ariel Simmons found her gift at an early age. The moment her pen touched paper she was forever bound to her love for writing. Like most, she found fulfillment in other activities but nothing could compare to her first love.


At the age of 10 she began writing books in prose and  transitioned to screenplays in high school. Thereafter, her writing slowed down but by the Grace of God she was reacquainted with her first love through the birth of her son, Malcolm. 

In her debut children's book Miracle Malcolm, Ariel showcases her talents to the world as an author in hopes of inspiring, educating and spreading positivity to those around her.

Ms. Simmons currently resides in Chicago, IL.