“It’s Nicu Giving Day September 27th”

Want to do something for your NICU in honor of Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month? September 27th is NICU Giving Day and September 28th is NICU Staff Recognition Day, which are the perfect days to make a donation to your NICU or just bring the nurses and doctors who take such good care of the babies there a treat like coffee and doughnuts or a catered lunch.

As a preemie mama, Ariel knew first hand what things she appreciated while she was in the NICU with Malcolm and she came up with a great way to help NICU preemie moms at Edwards Hospital by creating bags filled with notepads, calendars, pens and candy. Very simple and useful for writing notes and keeping up with special dates. She also brought snacks for the staff who definitely appreciated being acknowledged.

Here are 3 ways to give back:

*Host a donation drive...Ask a someone to share books or items to their local NICU to support NICU families.

*Sponsor a meal... Deliver a meal or snacks for NICU families.

*Get involved... Volunteer with a NICU organization.

What ways can you help your local NICU?

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