September is NICU Awareness Month

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Happy September!

In honor of September being #NICUAwarenessMonth, Ariel Simmons has decided to launch her Miracle Malcolm Blog! In her blog and future blogs, you can look forward to learning more about her son Malcolm and their journey and how they raise awareness through her experiences and others on NICU/Premature related births.

In this journey you may know someone in your family, a friend or maybe a co-worker, a neighbor, or you may encounter a stranger on a bus or grocery story who will have experienced the joys and challenges of raising a premature baby. She's truly excited to walk this journey of miracles, and challenges to shed light to help others during their joys and struggles during their NICU experiences.

What is NICU Awareness Month?

NICU Awareness Month honors NICU patients, families and health professionals.

Be sure to tune in to my blog in the up coming weeks on sharing #NICUfacts, #NICUresources, #NICUtips and experiences from being a #NICUmom.

It's an honor and blessing and Ariel looks forward to sharing more personal experiences, images and events in the months to come.

Every little bit counts. On ways to donate to the cause, please visit


Posted by LaVerne Smith-Miracle Malcolm Team